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Reg. Sales
Dec. 18 - Dec. 31

Biondi-Santi Brunello
Reg $229.99  Sale $209.99 Save $20

Collet Brut
Reg $44.99  Sale $41.99  Save $3

Collet Brut Art Deco
Reg $49.99  Sale $44.99  Save $5

Collet Esprit Coture Brut
Reg $109.99  Sale $ 99.99  Save $10

Continuum Red 2013

95pts Spectator
Reg $249.99 Sale $219.99 Save $30

Segura Viudus Gran Cuvee
Reg $14.99 Sale $11.99 Save $3

Henriot Brut
Reg $58.99 Sale $48.99 Save $10

Jigsaw Pinot Noir
Reg $19.99  Sale $12.99  Save $7

Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet RSV
Reg $69.99  Sale $55.99  Save $14

Krug Brut Cuvee
Reg $219.99 Sale $199.99 Save $20

Recchia Amarone
Reg $41.99  Sale $39.99  Save $2

Ch de Blingny Champagne
Reg $ 44.99  Sale $ 29.99  Save $15

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Single Barrels Whiskey's

A four grain whiskey out of Chicago.  Come in and sample it.  With two more single barrels coming in a couple of months we would to move this barrel out to make room.  So we are putting the Koval on sale.  It is regularly $49.99, but we have put it on sale for $44.99, saving you $5 a bottle.

- Journeyman Silver Cross
A crowd favorite out of Michigan.  We have a bottle open so come try it and see what you think.   We are down to just a few bottles left, so if you like this barrel, you may want to pick up a spare before it is gone.

-Knob Creek 
We picked the barrel out back in June.  Two barrels were neck and neck for our selection, but the nose on one of the them was the deciding factor.  Still a while before it comes in, but we are looking forward to it's arrival.


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We sorry to say we have decided to let our growlers go as they do not move quick enough in our location. We are however looking to grow our beer section through bottles and cans!!!

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