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We want to grow our Growler program so we have become more aggressive on our pricing.  Let us know if there is a beer you would be interested in us adding to our mix. 

Honkey Tonk King Bee Blonde Ale
64oz - $10.49 
32oz - $5.99

Black Abby Cross Roads
64oz - $8.99
32oz - $4.99

Highland Brewery Gaelic Ale

64oz - $8.49

32oz - $4.49

Tailgate Mayday

Berry Blonde

64oz - $11.99

32oz - $6.99

Wicked Weed Pernicious

64oz - $10.99

32oz - $5.99

Mantra Peaches Et Crème

64oz - $11.99

32oz - $6.99

Growler Jugs

Franklin Wine &  Spirit Logo empty Growlers
64oz - 5.99
32oz - 3.99


Fri May 25 & Sat May 26

 4 - 8 PM

Saveurs du Temps Rose
DOM Faiveley Mercurey
La Chapelle de Meyney

Future Events

May 25

Mantra Brewery


June 1

Afrohead Rum


June 8



June 29

Infinium Spirits


Wine Wisdom Classes


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1400 Liberty Pike, Franklin, TN 37067

(615) 794-4242

Free Tastings


This Weeks


Grand Marnier 750ml
Reg $ 42.99 Sale $39.99  Save $3

Ch. St. Michelle Chardonnay
Reg $14.99  Sale $12.99  Save $2

No.3 Gin
Reg $34.99  Sale $24.99 Save $10

Lillet Blanc
Reg $25.99  Sale $20.99  Save $5

All Stoli Vodkas 750ml
Reg $47.99 Sale $39.99  Save $8

La Chappelle de Meyney Bordeaux
Reg $41.99  Sale $29.99 Save $12

Latue Rosado
Reg $12.99  Sale $10.99  Save $2

Ketel One Vodka 1.75L
Reg $47.99  Sale $39.99  Save $8

Hopler Pinot Blanc
Reg $18.99  Sale $16.99  Save $2

Basil Hayden Bourbon
Reg $39.99  Sale $34.99  Save $5

Four Graces Pinot Noir
Reg $32.99  Sale $24.99  Save $8

Ch. Montelena Chardonnay
Reg $54.99  Sale $49.99  Save $5

Larceny Bourbon 1.75L
Reg $46.99  Sale $41.99  Save $5

1/2 OFF Sales!!!
We have a table in the center of the store, where all the items on the table are 50% off.  

We also have a:


- 20% OFF Rack

- 1% Over Cost Table


Single Barrels Whiskey's

A four grain whiskey out of Chicago.  Come in and sample it.

- Journeyman Silver Cross
A crowd favorite out of Michigan.  We have a bottle open so come try it and see what you think. 

- Four Roses
We picked a barrel out March 9th. To be arriving late May!!

-Knob Creek 
Barrel selection scheduled for  June 22.

-Weller 107
A nearly unheard opportunity to select and receive an entire barrel of Weller 107.  We are planning a fantastic trip to Buffalo Trace on June 28, to select this barrel, tour the distillery, have lunch and dinner in Frankford, KY and have a special Bourbon tasting.  Contact Dave for details.

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