"Franklin Wine & Spirits does our best every day to offer superior service and a diverse selection of wine, spirits, and high gravity beer."

Franklin Wine & Spirits does our best every day to offer superior service and a diverse selection of wine, spirits, and beer.  We have been recognized as one of the best wine & spirits store in the area.  We were voted by our customers as a finalist in the Toast of Music City and also the Pick of Williamson awards.

The store has over 25,000 bottles in inventory providing a wide range of options from all over the world. An experienced staff is on hand to assist you in the selection process of help customers pick the best adult beverage for their dinner, party, or back porch sitting.  Our fine wine room (that we call the Hall of Extraordinary Wines) is already one of the largest in the area and we continue to invest in adding more of the top wines available, including several highly allocated wines.   We also have created a special selection of wines that score 90 points or more (out of 100) by professional wine publications that cost less than $20.  They offer high quality for a low price.

Our Story

Wanda – Marketing
Wanda was a predominantly white wine drinker but being around her husband of 34 years, who is absolutely crazy about wine, he has encouraged her to expand her palate. Now she's into Zinfandels and Granache based red blends. She loves to be outside, whether it's playing tennis, gardening, hiking or sitting out on the deck and loves to have margaritas, cosmos & other fun, mixed drinks.

Dave - Owner
Dave enjoys both red and white wines, but loves the Old World style of wines, with their earthiness, bold flavors, and a wine you can "chew". Other favorites include Champagnes, Ports, Cognacs, and Armagnacs. Dave loves traveling to wineries and seeing firsthand how the wines are made - from the vineyard to the bottling. Dave is constantly reading about wine & spirits as more new products are being introduced all the time.

As Franklin Wine & Spirits in-house high gravity beer and spirits guru, Andrew loves to share his knowledge and passion for well-crafted beers, rums and whiskeys. His previous work experience in both wine and spirits retail and restaurant locations, gives Andrew a solid background to provide great advice to our customers. In addition, he spends his free time crafting and brewing his own beer and adding bottles to his growing collection of single malt Scotches, Bourbon & Armagnac. He loves introducing people to new options in the ever changing world of whiskey, but is certainly no stranger to the world of wine. One of his favorite regions to drink and talk about is French wine.


Franklin Wine & Spirits